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Drip Irrigation

A drip watering system will keep your garden healthy and beautiful without wasting a precious drop of water.
Install a drip watering system to save precious water resources.

Add Tasty Edible Plants To Your Landscape
Ideas on growing your own produce in your garden and landscape.

A few important facts on drip vs spray irrigation for conservation minded gardeners.
Choosing the most effective, resource efficient irrigation system for your lawn and garden has never been more important.

A quick guide to using self watering pots and planters.
How to self watering planters and pots work and what to look for.

A self watering planter makes light work of keeping your house plants fresh, green and healthy.
Using a self watering planter is just like having someone to water the plants for you.

Backyard Garden Becomes a Destination
This year the back yard is a destination and you might decide to spend mor time in your yard than traveling abroad.

Can You Save Money, Time and Keep Your Plants Healthy with a Drip Irrigation System?
A drip irrigation system is very handy to ensure your plants get the correct amount of water and you are aren't wasting your time dragging hose around.

Drip irrigation controllers and the different pieces that make a drip irrigation system work.
An explanation of the different pieces that comprise a drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation kits make it easy to design and install the optimum irrigation system for your individual lawn and garden.
There are basic kits designed for beginners, and more specialized kits for specific garden irrigation applications.

Drip irrigation supplies for an environmentally friendly lawn and garden irrigation system.
Drip irrigation is fast becoming the preferred way to irrigate lawns and gardens.

Drip irrigation systems are effective, economical, and easy to set up.
If you are reasonably handy in the garden, you can design and install their own drip irrigation system.

Easy To Install Drip Irrigation System for Hanging Baskets
What do you need to set up a drip irrigation system for hanging baskets and what do all of the supplies do.

Everything you need to know to design a drip irrigation system, for a lush, beautiful, water efficient lawn and garden.
If you are thinking of designing a drip irrigation system, here's some information to get you started.

Fantastic home garden water irrigation systems to keep your lawn and garden green and healthy.
Information on home irrigation systems and water conservation tips.

High quality drip irrigation parts for a lush, green, environmentally friendly lawn and garden.
You can design and install your drip irrigation system yourself.

How To Install A Drip Irrigation System With An Automatic Timer
A detailed explanation on how I installed a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer.

How to Keep Your Garden Growing in Times of Drought
Reduce your gardens water consumption by using micro sprinklers, drip irrigation, and mulching.

How to Make Your Garden Really Grow
A great article on using micro spraying and drip irrigation for your garden.

How to Make Growing Your Own Vegetables as Earth-Friendly as Possible
Use a drip irrigation kit to provide the correct amount of water for your garden and plants.

How to Setup a Drip Irrigation System and Automatic Timer
Once you have installed your irrigation system, it is time to test the system, calibrate the emitters and drippers and setup irrigation timer.

Irrigating with Ease and Efficiency With a Drip Watering System
Information on drip or trickle irrigation to provide a slow steady stream of water to your plants.

Irrigation drip tape is perfect for irrigating row crops and vegetable gardens.
When setting up a drip irrigation system make sure you review the various components including: drip tape, drip irrigation hoses, sprayers, mini sprinklers and drip emitters.

Planning a drip irrigation system for your garden and plants
What is a drip irrigation system and what do you need to know to set one up.

Save Money and Water with Smart Lawn and Garden Tips
One way to conserve water and save money is to irrigate efficiently with low-volume irrigation systems and smart watering practices.

Save Your Plants With Self Watering Planters
If you love your plants but sometimes don't have time to water them, consider getting self watering planters.

Savor the Soothing Water Sounds of a Tabletop Fountain
Using water sounds is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between a stress-filled day at the office, the noisy traffic and smoke-filled highways and your personal sanctuary.

Self Watering Hanging Basket Guide
Are you thinking of installing a self watering hanging basket? This is the information you need to know.

Self watering planters make it easy to grow flowers and herbs, without the need for constant irrigation.
If you have trouble finding the time to water your house plants and keep up your garden irrigation routine, self watering planters are the answer.

Set-and-forget automatic plant watering systems keep your house plants fresh and healthy.
Automatic plant watering systems are becoming more sophisticated and more efficient all the time.

Setting up self watering plant containers to ensure your plants always have enough water.
Different ways to automatically water your potted plants for short and long term durations.

The History of the Drip Irrigation System and What is Available Now
Drip irrigation has been used for thousands of years. Ancient people knew that they had to supply water to their crops, and they did so by any means possible.

The optimum irrigation equipment for your garden sprinkler system takes the hard work out of gardening and lawn maintenance.
There is a huge selection of high quality, inexpensive, durable irrigation equipment to choose from for your garden sprinkler system, or for general lawn maintenance.

Toro Irrigation have a comprehensive range of maintenance and irrigation products for homeowners.
Toro lawn maintenance and irrigation products for homeowners.

Watering plants can be a tedious chore, or it can be a relaxing hobby, depending on how you do it.
Information on choosing the best plant watering equipment for your lawn, garden or potted house plants.

Watering Tomato Plants – What Is The Right Tomato Watering Frequency?
When growing tomatoe plants it is important to water them correctly and here's the information you need to grow sweet tomatoes.

Water Your Plants and Garden the Easy Way - Use a Drip Irrigation System
Information, facts and advantages of using a drip irrigation system in your garden.

What are the different kinds of Drip Irrigation Emitters Available?
A great guide to the drip irrigation emitters that you can use to water your plants and garden.

What are the Four Different Types of Drip Irrigation Tubing Available from Orbit?
Make sure you buy the correct drip irrigation tubing for your plants and garden.

What is drip irrigation, and why is everyone using it these days?
Information on drip irrigation basics.

Winterizing Drip Irrigation Systems
How to winterize your drip irrigation system during the colder months of the year.

Lawn Sprinklers

A beginners guide to garden maintenance using garden shower sprinklers.
Information on shower sprinklers, telescoping wands and watering tips for a healthy garden.

A high pressure garden fire hose nozzle is the perfect accessory whenever your garden needs a good drenching.
If you have a heavy duty watering job to do in the garden, a garden fire hose nozzle is just the thing.

A no-nonsense guide to garden irrigation using Melnor sprinklers.
Description of the four different types of Melnor sprinklers and lawn watering tips.

A quick set-up guide for the amazing Scarecrow sprinkler.
Set-up tips to ensure you get the most out of your Scarecrow.

A well designed bird deterrent device should be effective, but harmless.
How do automatic animal deterrents work and are they effective.

Automatic dog deterrents protect your garden from mischievous canines.
If you have a problem with animals in your backyard or garden you should look at getting an automatic animal deterrent system.

Dreaming of Gardens: A Design and Care Primer
Planning next season's garden does not need to be a chore, here's a great primer to get you going.

Elegant copper sprinklers make a beautiful feature of your garden decor, and keep your lawn and garden lush, green and healthy.
Information on What to look for in a copper decorative sprinkler fitting.

Getting the most out of your lawn rotary sprinkler.
Information on rotary lawn sprinklers and tips on saving water with automatic lawn sprinklers.

Good lawn maintenance means a lot more than just turning on the lawn sprinkler every so often, but it does start with good irrigation equipment.
It’s relatively easy to set up an automatic sprinkler system, but proper lawn maintenance needs more than just irrigation equipment.

Nelson sprinklers have a complete range of high quality products for garden irrigation and lawn maintenance.
If you want a beautiful, lush lawn and garden, Nelson sprinklers are designed to deliver the right amount of irrigation.

Orbit sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and irrigation supplies will make your lawn and garden flourish like you’ve never imagined.
You can’t underestimate the effect a really well designed irrigation system will have on the look and feel of your garden.

Reliable Sprinkler systems are the high tech fire safety solution.
Reliable makes a comprehensive range of sprinkler models.

Sprinklers are best used with self-watering planters and drip irrigation equipment
If you don’t have a lot of time to do the gardening, a system of sprinklers, self watering planters and drip irrigation equipment will do it all for you.

With a gorgeous copper sprinkler you can have a real work of art do your gardening and lawn maintenance for you.
How to choose a good quality copper sprinkler for gardening and lawn maintenance.

With a Rainbird sprinkler and drip irrigation system you’ll have a wonderfully lush garden and lawn, while still being mindful of water conservation.
Rain Bird manufactures high quality, great value irrigation products and has a strong commitment to water conservation and resource management.

Using a tripod sprinkler to water your lawn and garden.
A tripod sprinkler is the perfect irrigation tool for large areas of lawn, nurseries, large garden beds or tall plants and vines.

Sprinkler Systems

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Automatic Sprinkler Systems
6 great tips if you are installing an sprinkler system.

A beginner’s guide to sprinkler system design.
Three top tips for designing an effective, efficient sprinkler system.

A good garden irrigation regime can involve a high tech automatic sprinkler system, or just a simple garden hose and a little love and care.
Deciding on the best garden irrigation and maintenance routine depends on a number of factors.

A good home irrigation system design is both effective and water efficient.
Tips on home irrigation system and drip irrigation system design.

A good sprinkler system design, with the right irrigation equipment, will not only save you money on your garden and lawn maintenance, but you’ll also be helping to conserve our precious water resources.
More and more people are coming to understand the importance of a good sprinkler system design, and the right irrigation equipment, when planning their garden and lawn maintenance system.

An Overview of Irrigation Systems, Home Garden and Lawn Maintenance
There’s a fantastic range of irrigation systems, home garden and lawn maintenance products specially designed to make your life easier and keep your garden looking lush and beautiful.

A Primer on Sprinkler System Installation
Here is some great information on installing a sprinkler system in your yard.

A reliable sprinkler valve keeps your automatic sprinkler system working just the way it should.
Information on installing valves for your sprinkler system.

A self watering garden system can be amazingly effective, for potted indoor plants, and outdoor lawns and gardens.
Information on self watering garden systems that can be used for the lawn, garden or indoor plants.

A sophisticated sprinkler controller gives your garden just the right amount of water exactly when it needs it.
Use a sprinkler controller to ensure your lawn or garden is watered efficiently.

Automatic sprinkler and drip irrigation systems save valuable time, while keeping up the best looking lawn and garden in the street.
As well as being convenient and time efficient, a carefully designed sprinkler and drip irrigation system will actually save on water consumption.

Automatic Sprinkler Components for Landscape Irrigation
A list of sprinkler components and details on the different kinds of sprinkler heads you need for installing your landscape irrigation system.

A well designed irrigation system will give you a lush, healthy garden and lawn without wasting a drop of water.
Garden and lawn irrigation options using automatic lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation.

A well designed lawn sprinkler system, with the right irrigation equipment, can have some significant water conservation benefits.
The range of sprinkler designs available these days is incredible, so it’s a matter of choosing the right device for each individual watering purpose.

Before You Buy an Irrigation System Timer Make Sure You Know the Available Features
Before spending money on a timer with features you don't need, it's a good idea to review what a timer is and what are the available styles and features.

Can a sprinkler system and drip irrigation be more water efficient than hand watering with the garden hose?
Factors to consider when designing a good drip irrigation or sprinkler system.

Choosing an Inline Sprinkler Timer
An inline sprinkler timer is almost like having all your garden and lawn maintenance done for you.

Contribute to soil and water conservation by using the right irrigation equipment, and carefully managing your gardening and lawn maintenance practices.
Everyone who uses irrigation equipment for garden and lawn maintenance can make an important contribution by managing it wisely.

Designing a home irrigation system is a great home improvement project for anyone with a little know how and the right equipment.
Learn about designing a home irrigation system, drip irrigation systems and water conservation.

Good reasons to install a home sprinkler system.
A well designed home sprinkler system will not only save you time and energy, it will actually help you save water too.

Help Conserve Water Through Your Gardening And Lawn Care Practices
Learn five things you can do today to conserve water.

Sprinklers give you a lush, green garden with minimum time and effort, especially when used in combination with self watering planters, and drip irrigation equipment.
If you don’t have a lot of time to do the gardening, a system of sprinklers, self watering planters and drip irrigation equipment will do it all for you.

Household irrigation pumps for rainwater harvesting and lawn sprinkler systems allow you to make the most efficient use of our precious water resources.
Use irrigation pumps as part of rainwater harvesting systems, or even to maximize the efficiency of your lawn sprinkler system.

How to install a Lawn Sprinkler System
Are you thinking of installing a lawn sprinkler system? Here is what you need to know.

How to Use Misting and Irrigation Timers
An automatic irrigation system, in which you can program when your sprinkler turns on and waters your lawn, is an extremely useful tool.

How to Water Wisely for a Better Lawn and Cost Savings
Follow these tips to improve watering efficiency of your home irrigation system.

Hunter sprinkler systems lead the way in innovative irrigation product design.
Each product is carefully designed and tested and the complete system is designed and installed by a qualified expert.

Installing a Lawn Sprinkler System?
Looking for lush green lawn, look at installing a lawn sprinkler system in your front and back yard.

Irrigation supplies, including everything from a super sophisticated drip irrigation system to the good old fashioned watering can.
Choosing the best irrigation supplies for your garden, like sprinklers, drip irrigation devices or garden hose, depends on a number of factors.

Irrigation Water Pumps Are A Crucial Component of Your Irrigation System
Consider the role of irrigation water pumps within the design of your irrigation system.

Rainbird sprinklers and lawn maintenance products are a smart choice if you care about water conservation.
Many people choose Rainbird sprinklers for their garden and lawn maintenance system because of their clever design and durability.

Spring Landscape Tips for This Winter
Preparations for spring landscaping vary depending on where you live, but no matter where you are, there are a few things to do before spring arrives.

Spring Maintenance for Sprinkler Systems
Review this checklist from Hunter Industries before you start up your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Headsfor Lawns - Which one is Right for You?
Get the skinny on the top to kinds of sprinkler heads for your irrigation system.

Sprinkler pumps give you the control and flexibility you need for all your lawn maintenance and garden watering jobs.
Sprinkler pumps can make a real difference to the effectiveness of your lawn maintenance system.

The Intricacies of an Underground Sprinkler System
It is much easier to set up an above ground sprinkler system than you think.

The Steps Involved in Winterizing Sprinkler Systems
Here are three primary methods that can be used in winterizing your sprinkler system.

This Spring Work Smarter, Not Harder
This Spring get ready for gardening season by developing a planting plan, get the appropriate tools and inspect your yard.

Tips for designing garden watering systems which keep your garden looking great without wasting water.
Top five ways to make your garden irrigation system water efficient.

Tips on Irrigation for Your Garden
It is very important to provide proper irrigation for your garden and here are a few tips to consider when you are planning to provide your garden with the water they need.

Top quality lawn sprinkler supplies, equipment and accessories for an effective, efficient garden and lawn maintenance system.
Sprinkler supplies and how to make your sprinkler system water efficiently.

Using lawn sprinkler systems not only makes garden and lawn maintenance more convenient; you can also make a contribution to water conservation.
Carefully designed and maintained lawn sprinkler systems can make gardening and lawn maintenance jobs less time consuming, they can also save water.

Using a lawn sprinkler is not only the most convenient irrigation method for your lawn and garden, it can be very efficient in terms of water conservation.
If you’re conscious of water conservation, you can save precious water resources.

Using your sprinkler heads correctly can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your garden and lawn irrigation system.
Design your garden and lawn irrigation system to have the appropriate types of sprinkler heads for each specific watering purpose.

Watering Your Lawn Right - With the Correct Sprinkler Head
Here's a guide to the different sprinkler heads available and what they do.

Why Choose A Sprinkler Irrigation System?
There are a number of different ways to get water to your plants and a sprinkler irrigation system might be the perfect answer for your garden.

Well designed irrigation, lawn maintenance and sprinkler systems save precious time and water while keeping your garden lush and beautiful.
choose efficient sprinkler systems and irrigation practices for garden and lawn maintenance.

What to Consider When Installing a Sprinkler System and Looking for a Good Sprinkler Installers
Here are a few tips to help you find a qualified, professional sprinkler installer.

Whether your lawn irrigation regime involves a sophisticated sprinkler system or simple hand watering, regular love and care and a healthy attitude to water conservation are always important.
If you want a healthy, beautiful lawn, you need to implement some sort of efficient lawn irrigation system, and take care to see that it’s properly maintained.

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