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Self Watering Hanging Basket Guide

Hanging baskets look great, there is no doubt about it. Whether they are lining the high street or placed right outside your house, they add color to the surrounding area and gain fond admirers wherever they appear.

But they have one problem: they require significantly more watering than other plants and, as a result, if they are not cared for properly the plants are likely to suffer and die.

An answer can be found in a self watering hanging basket. These come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs, and are made to prevent the need for constant watering, fertilizing, and general care.

How Do Self Watering Hanging Baskets Work?

They work by preventing the spillage of water. Quite often, normal hanging baskets lose the majority of their water through spillage, which is why they require so much care. Self watering systems ensure that the water goes straight to a water reservoir from which the plant can take water when it requires it.

There are a whole host of designs, all of which claim to be better than the next. They can use all sorts of twist locks, special wicks, and detachable systems in order to get the basket to be self watering, and also different systems to work out when the basket needs refilling.

The wick technique allows the plant to draw up water from the reservoir through a special wick, meaning the plant takes exactly as much as it requires and therefore preventing the threat of over-watering.


The benefits to using a self watering system are numerous. The most obvious benefit is that you will not be required to water the flowers as much as you would have to before. It can be a real hassle watering your flowers every day, sometimes even twice a day in the hot summer months, especially if you have a large number of baskets.

The self watering system means a simple check is all they need, and as you will not have to spend so much time watering them, you will be able to spend more time enjoying them.

Depending on the design of the basket, many of them have watering holes at the bottom of the pots. This means that when it comes to watering them, there is no need to lift a heavy watering can right up to the top of the basket, which can be a real strain for many people.

The actual watering process therefore becomes a lot easier, and as many baskets also come with a hole that is suitable for a hose, the process becomes easier still. Another feature of self watering baskets is that they can come in a variety of different styles and colors. There are so many different types available out there that you just have to look for the one that you want.


There are not many disadvantages to using these kind hanging baskets, but it should be considered that they are likely to be more expensive than normal baskets due to the technology being employed. Also, after they have been filled up with water, because they carry so much more than standard hanging pots they are going to be a lot heavier, which can seriously restrict the ability to move them around until the water has been emptied.

Different Types of Hanging Baskets

Besides there being many different technologies in use for self watering systems, some of which are even patented, they also come in a range of styles for you to choose from..

A lot of modern self watering pots are quite modern looking, and are made from plastic. This means that they are longer lasting, and are often more durable. However, traditionalists may not be fond of the bright colors and modern designs of some of these systems, and as such there are also self watering pots made from terracotta, which might be more suitable for your outdoor space. Whatever style you require, you should be able to find something that you like.

Self watering hanging baskets are designed with convenience in mind. They are attractive, durable, and save you a lot of hassle, and if you have a large number of hanging displays then it is well worth purchasing a few so you can spend more time enjoying your plants without having to worry about watering them.

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