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There's Nothing Kinky about a Good Garden Hose

Rarely (if ever) do you hear the garden aficionados comparing notes on their favorite garden hose instead of geranium sanguineum.

However, serious gardeners know that a good garden hose and its accompanying fittings are essential tools.

Because it is used often, if not every day, a garden hose must be durable, kink free and easy to store. Hose reels, although equally unglamorous, must be sturdy, rust-proof, and designed to discourage kinking.

When choosing a garden hose, the most important characteristics to consider are:

  • Material the hose is made from, such as rubber, vinyl, or a combination of both.
  • Hose strength reflected in the number of plies or layers. The more plies, the stronger the hose. Usually, garden hose or household hoses have 3 to 6 plies.
  • Diameter of the hose, which indicates the amount of water the hose can deliver. Usual diameters are 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".
  • Length of the hose—25 to 100 feet is common. Of course this sounds obvious, but how many times have you gone to wash or water something and the darn thing just won't reach!

Garden Hose Fittings

Garden hose fittings are those gizmos that attach the hose to the water supply and to various hose attachments such as nozzles, 2-way connectors, shut-off valves, and so on.

Fittings made of brass are the most durable. Plastic fittings are also available and are sometimes easier to tighten or turn when attaching to the hose.

Garden Hose Storage Ideas

Correct storage is the most important part of keeping your garden hose in good condition. Exposure to the sun, hot water, folding or bending can all cause the hose material to weaken, and encourages kinking and cracking. The best way to store a hose is in large coils hanging on a hose reel or bracket, or lying in a hose pot or bucket.

There are lots of hose storage solutions out there, so choose the best one for your situation by looking at the length of hose (a long hose needs a bigger bracket or hose reel), and the location of the water supply before making your decision.

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