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Garden Hose Containers

Garden hose containers keep your hose stored away where it’s always ready to use.

Not only is it annoying to have your garden hose lying all over the backyard, it also exposes your hose to weathering and damage.

A neatly stored garden hose will last longer, and be free from irritating kinks, cracks and leaks. Also, it won't be in the way when you're doing other things like mowing the lawn or playing with the kids.

Handy Storage Tip:

Drain as much of the water from your garden hose as you can before you store it, particularly in the winter time. Freezing water inside the hose will expand and damage the hose.

Three types of hose containers:

1. Garden hose pots are very attractive, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, in terracotta, wicker, copper, or an authentic granite or aged stone-look material made from fiberglass.

You simply wind your garden hose in and out of the pot, like a snake in a basket. Most have a handy hole at the bottom, so you can keep the hose connected to the water supply.

2. Garden hose reels can either sit flat against a wall, or be mounted perpendicularly to it. The perpendicular mounting makes the garden hose very easy to wind and unwind, while the flat hose reel is more unobtrusive.

With the simplest type of hose reel, you simply wind the hose on and off by hand. The more advanced garden hose reels come with a manual handle, or even a motorized automatic winding mechanism.

3. Hand held hose reels are light and easy to carry around. They make a nice alternative to a traditional watering can. Hose reel carts and wagons save you from having to carry the hose around as you water, and they’re great of you have a very large garden and lawn.

For more information on hose holders, please read this article on keeping your garden hose neat and tidy.

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