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Garden hose holders and other great garden hose storage ideas.

Garden hose holders keep your garden hose stored away neatly, ready to use whenever you need it. A good garden hose holder will also protect the hose from weathering and damage, so it will last longer and be free from annoying kinks and leaks.

There are lots of beautifully designed hose holders on offer, made from elegant cast iron, steel or aluminum, in a range of colors.

Three more clever ideas for keeping your garden hose neat and tidy:

1. Garden hose pots come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, in a range of attractive and durable materials, including:

- Wicker

- Terracotta

- Copper

- Fiberglass, with an aged stone or granite look

2. Garden hose reels come in two basic types; either mounted flat against the wall, or perpendicular to the wall. The flat mounted hose reels take up less space and are less visible, while the perpendicular mounted variety tend to be easier to wind and unwind.

Hose reels come with either a handle for manual winding and unwinding, or an automatic winding mechanism.

3. Hose reel carts and wagons are a great option if you have a large lawn and garden to water, or if you just want to take the physical strain out of carrying a heavy hose around.

Hand held hose reels are a great alternative to an old-fashioned watering can. They’re made from lightweight, durable materials and they make it easy to carry the garden hose around and keep it under control.

For more information on controlling your garden hoses, please read this article on hose storage products.

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