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Drip Irrigation Delivers Water to the Roots

For many of us, watering the garden first thing in the morning or last thing at night is a labor of love.

Unfortunately, hand watering everything each time inevitably means that not all plants receive an adequate soaking. If you've been considering making the leap to an automatic irrigation system, take a close look at drip irrigation supplies and kits.

Drip irrigation is a cost effective and smart water conservation choice for most gardens. You can save up to 50% if you install the system yourself, and most manufacturers provide step-by-step instructions and supplies.

Planning a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is watering at a slow rate (or drip) right at the roots of plants. Root irrigation is a good water conservation choice because it provides a deeper level of watering than surface watering, which is prone to wastage due to evaporation and runoff. More


Installing a Simple Drip Irrigation System for Hanging Baskets

Every year we always buy a couple of hanging baskets to decorate our deck in the backyard. They look great and as summer approaches they even look better as the flowers spill out of the containers. But the one problem we have is keeping the baskets watered. More


Facts on Drip vs Spray Irrigation

Choosing the most effective, resource-efficient irrigation system for your lawn and garden has never been more important. Water conservation is a key issue for many communities all over the country. More

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