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Running through the sprinkler as a kid during summer vacation is a fond memory for most people. In those days, the classic oscillating sprinkler was the one and only--slowly spraying 15 to 20 high arcs of water back and forth like a wave.

Today, gardeners have to contend with "turbo oscillating" , "noodlehead" and even the "power pulsating" sprinkler, just to name a few.

What all these lawn sprinklers have in common is that they are portable, they attach to your garden hose, and YOU must move them around the lawn and adjust the spray pattern yourself.

To get the best watering coverage for your lawn, and to establish a good lawn maintenance routine, it's best to rely on several types of portable sprinklers rather than on just one.

Guide to Lawn Sprinklers

Here's a handy guide to help you choose the right combination of sprinklers for your lawn. More



Simple Lawn Irrigation Tips

Whether you choose to use a complex automatic sprinkler system, or water the lawn by hand, there are a few basic principles you should follow. More

Motion Activated Lawn Sprinklers

Well, this type of sprinkler isn't so much for lawn maintenance as it is an animal repellent. It is worth a mention anyway because of its great design. The Scarecrow motion activated lawn sprinkler blasts a stream of water at any unwanted bird, deer, raccoon, or animal that crosses its path. Good for keeping creatures away from ponds and gardens. More

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