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Lawn Sprinkler Systems

You've seen them in parks, football fields, and grand estates, but don't count them out for the home garden. Sprinkler systems of all kinds are rising in popularity as people have less time for hand watering. 

Many parts of the country also have tight water restrictions, especially in summer, which means that you can only water on certain days and times. Home sprinkler systems can certainly make your watering chores easier.

Unlike drip irrigation systems, automatic or underground sprinkler systems are a network of buried pipes interspersed with sprinkler heads that spray water above ground over lawns, plants, trees, and shrubs. In particular, lawns and ground covers are ideally suited to sprinkler systems.

Build Your Own Sprinkler System

Although more challenging to install than drip irrigation, you can install sprinkler systems yourself and save thousands of dollars.

For an inside and easy-to-understand guide to sprinkler installation, Scott Young's handbook "How to Build your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System" takes you through the whole process step by step.

Automatic Sprinkler Components

If you are up to the challenge, here's a quick list of a sprinkler system components. More

Maintenance Tips for Underground Sprinklers

Make it a habit to inspect your sprinkler system regularly. Look for unusual wet areas or dry areas. Turn on each zone manually to make sure sprinkler heads are operating properly and adjust if necessary. More

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