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Review: "Build Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System" by Scott Young

build your own sprinkler systemAre you tired of lugging your hose and sprinkler around the yard trying to get your lawn watered evenly? You may be surprised to learn that an in-ground automatic sprinkler system is less expensive than you think and within your grasp.

Automatic sprinkler systems take the guesswork out of watering. Your lawn and garden areas get an even soaking every time, and because they are so efficient, you waste less and save more on your water utility bill in the end.

You can save even more money by installing the sprinkler system yourself. For the novice or average homeowner, this job may seem overwhelming, but when you consider that your savings is in the "thousands" of dollars by doing it yourself, it's worth looking into.

Straight from the professional, Scott Young's handbook "How to Build your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System" ($37.95) explains how to build and install an automatic sprinkler system. It's written for the average homeowner and takes you through the process of designing and planning your sprinkler system, installing your system in 16 easy steps, and setting up a watering schedule.

Scott is an eight-year veteran of the industry. By following the steps Scott outlines in his book, you will:

  • Ensure that all plants and grasses are watered thoroughly (but not too much)
  • Save thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend on a sprinkler installation contractor
  • Avoid high mid-summer water bills
  • Have sprinklers that hide and pop-up only when needed
  • Be able set up a lawn care schedule and then forget about it, even when you're away on vacation
  • Be able to fertilize and treat your lawn in a cost effective manner

You can try the handbook for 90 days risk free. You also receive some online bonuses including an installation checklist and a guide to drip irrigation.

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