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Winterizing Drip Irrigation Systems

Like in-ground sprinkler systems, drip irrigation lines, timers and filters should be winterized during colder months when not in use. This is to ensure they are not damaged during the months when you are not using your irrigation system.

Here are some tips for winterizing your drip irrigation system:

  • Bring timers, filters, regulators and electric valves indoors.

  • Remove the batteries from irrigation timers.

  • Plug the beginning of the main line tubing with an HPLUG or cover with a plastic bag and elastic band. Tubing should not be left open. Water could

  • Shut off the main water supply and open all manual valves.

  • Remove all end fittings, drain any water and replace the fittings. Water left in tubing will cause it to crack.

  • Remove excess water from the lines so that it doesn't settle in the low spots in the system. Blow compressed air through the lines after opening the end cap. Or use a flush valve or emitter at the lowest point.

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