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Fantastic garden hose storage products to make watering the garden a breeze.

To keep your lawn and garden lush, healthy well maintained, it’s essential that you have the right equipment. If you’re sick of finding a tangled mess of hose all over the backyard every time you want to water the garden, there are lots of garden hose storage products which will keep your garden hose neatly stored and ready whenever you need it.

Apart from convenience, the other great advantage of keeping your garden hose stored properly is that it will be protected from damage, and last a lot longer. A good quality garden hose reel should be extremely strong, durable, light, easy to wind., and should make watering the garden and lawn a pleasure rather than a chore. For more information on the fantastic range of hose storage products and how you can order them, just follow the links from this site.

Storage options for your garden hose.

There’s a wide variety of garden hose reels and hose storage products available, so it’s a matter of choosing the one best suited to your needs. There are two basic types of wall mounted garden hose reel; those which lie flat against the wall, and those which are mounted on a frame which is attached perpendicularly to the wall. Flat mounted garden hose reels are great space-savers and are virtually invisible, while perpendicular mounted hose reels are generally easier to wind and unwind.

You may prefer a garden hose reel which you can carry around as you water the garden, a little like a watering can. These portable hose reels are made from extremely lightweight, high-tech plastic, and are designed to be very easy to carry.

For more information on garden hose storage ideas please read this article on garden hose reels.


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