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Guide to Hoses and Hose Reels

Okay, so now you want to know more about the quintessential garden hose and the importance of storing it correctly.

What are the different types of hoses? Which one to use? Where can you get one?

Here's a guide to hoses and hose reels. All are readily available from hardware stores and garden centers. A few online shops are listed below.

coil hose:

A lightweight coiled hose that stretches, then retracts for easy storage. Rebounds 90-100% completely after water use. Use around the home for hand watering beds and containers.

4-ply garden hose:

A medium duty hose, perfect for home gardens. Reinforced vinyl or rubber/vinyl construction.

5-ply garden hose:

A heavy duty hose perfect for a large gardens and frequent use. Reinforced vinyl or rubber/vinyl construction.

6-ply to 8-ply commercial hose:

A super heavy duty, non-kinking hose for commercial or farm applications. Usually rubber construction.

Weeper hose:

Water sweats through porous exterior and gives the surrounding area a good soaking. Use above ground or buried. Ideal for flower beds. More

Soaker hose:

A flat hose with holes that emits a gentle spray to water surrounding plants and shrubs.

Wall mount hose reel:

Attaches to the wall and feed the hose out either parallel or perpendicular to the wall.

Cart or wagon hose reel:

A portable hose reel on wheels. Ideal for large gardens with multiple water faucits.

Auto-rewind hose reel:

The hose retracts automatically. No need for manual cranking to wind the hose when finished using.

Hose holders and pots:

Simple wall mounted or free-standing hose stands. Can be decorative as well as functional. Hose is draped/looped over stand or coiled inside pot to store.

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