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A reliable sprinkler valve keeps your automatic sprinkler system working just the way it should.

Using an automatic sprinkler system is an extremely water efficient and time efficient way of keeping your garden and lawn looking lush and healthy. A sprinkler valve ensures the water flows smoothly, with even pressure, and prevent pressure surges from damaging your sprinkler system. In some cases, a suitable sprinkler valve is necessary to protect against back flow. Before you choose your valve, it’s a good idea to check the relevant city codes for sprinkler systems in your local area.

Installing valves for your sprinkler system.

You don’t need to be a professional landscape gardener to install the valves for your sprinkler system yourself; it’s a fairly simple job for anyone who is reasonably handy and has a spare afternoon. Valves are normally installed underground where they won’t spoil the look of your garden, and where they are protected from weathering and other damage. You should find detailed installation instructions included with the valve you’ve purchased.

It’s a very good idea to install a valve box to completely enclose the valve. Your valve system will work fine if you just bury it directly in the ground, but if the valve breaks, or you need to do any kind of cleaning or maintenance work on it, you’ll need to dig it up, possibly damaging the valve or the wiring in the process. A valve box is very simple to install, and gives you easy access to the valve system whenever you need to. Sit the valve box on a layer of crushed rock at least four inches deep, to prevent it sinking or tilting, and make sure all the openings in the valve box are properly sealed to prevent dirt working its way into the valve.


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