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A quick guide to using self watering pots and planters.

If you’ve never used self watering pots or planters before, you’ll be surprised at what a good job they do. It’s almost like having someone to water your plants for you. They never overwater, and they never forget.

If you enjoy healthy looking plans and you are short on time to water your plants this is a great idea. They are also very handy if you enjoy travelling or going to the cabin in the summer.

You can use a self watering pot or planter to grow a wide variety of plants, including:

  • flowering plants

  • small shrubs

  • herbs

  • tomatoes

How do self-watering planters and pots work?

The pots have a built-in water reservoir in the base, and channels which allow the water to move upwards through the soil. The moisture will continue to move upwards only so long as the soil is dry, so the system always delivers precisely the amount of watering the plant needs.

You need to refill the water reservoir around once or twice a week, depending on the size of the pot and the type of plant.

Three things to look for in self watering planters and pots.

1. Insist on quality!

Look for products which are made from lightweight, durable materials which are freeze and fade-resistant. If you plan to use the planters outdoors, choose a product which is specifically designed for outdoor use.

2. Choose an appropriate size.

Plants with deep roots will require a deep planter. Make sure you choose a large enough pot or planter to accommodate the plant when it is fully grown.

3. Consider self watering hanging planters.

Hanging planters are great for displaying your beautiful flowers, and they’re ideal if you have a minimum of space.

Look for self-watering hanging pots and planters which have the water refill holes located at the bottom for easy access.

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