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A self watering planter makes light work of keeping your house plants fresh, green and healthy.

There’s nothing nicer than having lush, well watered plants around the house, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep up a regular watering routine, particularly if you’re frequently away from home for more than a few days at a time, or if you’re just very busy. Because they have only a limited amount of soil compared to plants which are planted in the ground, it’s particularly important to water potted house plants regularly and often.

Using a self watering planter is just like having someone to water the plants for you. Self watering planters always know just how much watering your plants need. They never over water, and best of all, they never forget. You only need to refill the planter reservoir every couple of days, or once a week, depending on the size of the planter, the type of soil, and the type of plants you have.

Choosing self watering containers and planters.

You’ll find a great range of self watering containers, window boxes, planters and planter boxes in an endless variety of sizes, shapes and colors. There are planters specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use. You can use self watering containers and planters for all kinds of plants, including flowering plants, shrubs, herbs and even tomatoes. If the plant has a large root system, make sure you choose a planter which is deep enough to accommodate it.

Hanging planters are very attractive, and are particularly useful if you have a limited amount of space for your house plants. The refill holes for the self watering system are located at the bottom of the planter, for easy access.


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