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An Overview of Irrigation Systems, Home Garden and Lawn Maintenance

There’s a fantastic range of irrigation systems home garden and lawn maintenance products specially designed to make your life easier and keep your garden looking lush and beautiful.

Your irrigation system, home garden and lawn maintenance routine should be designed to suit the layout of your garden, your soil type, climate, and the plants, shrubs and type of lawn you have.

First you should choose between an automatic sprinkler system, a drip irrigation system, or a combination of the two.

Automatic Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems have a bad reputation for wasting water, and in many cases this is unfortunately true. However, a properly designed, maintained and monitored sprinkler system will actually save water.

There are three basic types of sprinkler unit suitable for home gardens and lawns:

1. Impact sprinklers and pulsating sprinklers are great for big watering jobs like large areas of lawn.

2. Oscillating sprinklers, revolving and rotor sprinklers are best for smaller areas of lawn and large garden beds.

3. Stationery sprinklers and spray heads are perfect for gently irrigating small areas of garden beds or even specific plants which require special attention.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are rapidly gaining in popularity because they are so effective and so water efficient.

A drip system works by soaking the roots of plants slowly and steadily via a specially designed hose which is permeated with thousands of tiny holes. Plants absorb water very effectively through their roots, and you don’t lose any water to evaporation or runoff as you would with a conventional garden irrigation system.

A drip irrigation system will work well anywhere in the garden, including in flower beds, vegetable gardens and on the lawn. You can lay the drip irrigation hose over garden beds and around large plants, or better still, bury it under the garden and lawn.

For more information on watering your garden please read this article on automatic sprinklers and drip irrigation systems

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