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Automatic sprinkler and drip irrigation systems save valuable time, while keeping up the best looking lawn and garden in the street.

As well as being convenient and time efficient, a carefully designed sprinkler and drip irrigation system will actually save on water consumption. A good sprinkler system and a set of well placed drip irrigation devices will extend the life of your plants, the appearance of your garden, and ultimately the value of your home.

Many people believe that automatic garden irrigation systems waste water, because the garden will get watered whether it needs it or not. At some time or another we’ve probably all seen the ridiculous sight of someone’s sprinkler spraying gallons of precious treated water on the garden during a torrential rainstorm.

However, a well designed, modern system will actually save water. Setting the controller to distribute the exact amount of water for the needs of your individual garden means you will never over water, and you’ll never forget to turn off the hose. Look for devices which will not turn the sprinkler or drip irrigation system on when watering is not needed.

Getting the most out of your home garden irrigation system.

There is a wide range of products to choose from, including sprinkler parts, drip irrigation devices, controllers, sensors, control valves, backflow preventers, drains and other components. It’s worthwhile spending a little time doing some research, to determine which combination of products and will best suit your individual needs, and to choose the optimum controller settings. Good suppliers will offer a complete design service, by professional designers with experience in dealing with the climate, soil and plant species in your area.

A few simple tips can help you maximize the efficiency of your watering system. For example, always irrigate your lawn and planter beds separately. Trees and shrubs have much larger root systems than grass, and only need around half the amount of water. Set the controller to water early in the morning, before the sun comes up, to minimize evaporation and water loss caused by the wind.

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