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Elegant copper sprinklers make a beautiful feature of your garden decor, and keep your lawn and garden lush, green and healthy

Using a sprinkler system to water your lawn and garden not only saves you time, but when used intelligently it is also extremely water efficient. You can choose ordinary sprinkler fittings, and find ways to hide them so they don’t spoil the look of your garden, but a better alternative is to choose sprinkler fittings which are attractive enough to form sculptural features of your garden decor in themselves.

You’ll finding some magnificently designed copper sprinklers in all kinds of wonderful shapes, sizes and styles, ranging from simple, elegant shapes to fantastically creative works of sculptural art. You can purchase a wide range of copper sprinklers on the internet or from home improvement stores, and they’re very easy to install yourself.

What to look for in a copper decorative sprinkler fitting.

Unfortunately, some decorative sprinkler manufacturers and artisans tend to focus too much on the appearance of the sprinkler fitting, and forget about the functionality. Remember that you want your garden and lawn to look beautiful too, so if the copper fitting you buy doesn’t work well as a sprinkler, you may as well just buy a copper ornament instead. When you’re buying sprinkler fittings online, make sure the vendor provides a guarantee that their products work as sprinklers, and that they will continue to work for a reasonable amount of time.

It’s best too avoid buying sprinkler fittings which just don’t look well balanced, no matter how appealingly rustic and handcrafted they look. It’s likely that the sprinkler fitting will wear out quickly if it doesn’t rotate evenly, and if it’s very unbalanced it may not rotate at all. Sprinkler pivot mechanisms which are made from soft metals like copper and brass will wear out very quickly. Look for sprinkler fittings which have the decorative part made from copper, but with the pivot mechanism made from a durable material like stainless steel or specially manufactured plastic.


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