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Rainbird sprinklers and lawn maintenance products are a smart choice if you care about water conservation.

Many people choose Rainbird sprinklers for their garden and lawn maintenance system because of their clever design and durability, but also because water conservation is such an important issue. Because Rainbird sprinklers are designed to deliver an accurate amount of evenly dispersed water, you can plan your garden and lawn maintenance system with water conservation as a firm priority.

Rainbird invented the first impact sprinkler, and have been at the forefront of sprinkler design ever since. They also manufacture and supply a huge range of rotor sprinklers, spray heads, drip irrigation devices and system controllers. Because Rainbird sprinklers are carefully designed for specific watering purposes, if you use them intelligently you’ll never overwater one area, while leaving another dry.

Good garden and lawn maintenance practices always have water conservation in mind.

If you’re planting a new lawn and garden, choose plant species which don’t require a lot of water. You’ll also have a lot less trouble keeping your garden looking great if you choose plants which thrive in the soil type and climate conditions in your area.

The best time to water is first thing in the morning. The air is cool and moist, so you don’t lose all the water in evaporation. Watering at night can encourage mold and fungus growth, because the lawn is left damp for too long a period.

Most importantly, the amount of watering which is appropriate for your individual garden will depend on the plant and lawn species you’re growing, the soil type, and the climate conditions. You’ll find plenty of useful and interesting information online if you do a little searching around, and your efforts will be rewarded with a beautiful lawn and garden, and a much less painful water bill.

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