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Good reasons to install a home sprinkler system

A well designed home sprinkler system will not only save you time and energy, it will actually help you save water too. A carefully monitored automatic sprinkler system delivers exactly the right amount of watering precisely when and where it’s needed, so you never waste a precious drop.

What’s more, home sprinkler systems do a better job of caring for your lawn and garden than hand watering.

The key is to custom design your sprinkler system to suit the watering needs of your garden, using the right equipment for the job. Here is a brief overview of the types of sprinkler devices you can use.

Sprinkler types

Spray head sprinklers come in a range of sizes, and can be used for a variety of applications, including lawns and flower beds. Spray heads distribute a fine mist of water evenly in every direction, and they’re particularly useful for delicate plants and flowers.

There are many types of oscillating sprinkler, designed to cover medium to large areas. Impact rotors have the longest reach, of up to 85 feet in diameter, so they’re perfect for covering large lawn areas evenly and efficiently. They also disperse the largest water droplets, which is great for giving your lawn a deep drenching.

Drip irrigation

Another type of automatic home irrigation system which is rapidly gaining in popularity is drip irrigation. Water is delivered slowly and steadily to the roots of the plants via a special hose which is permeated with thousands of tiny holes. Drip irrigation is extremely effective and fantastically water efficient.

Your drip irrigation system can incorporate mini sprinklers to target specific plants which require extra care and attention.

For more information on sprinkler systems, please read this article on automatic sprinkler controllers.

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