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A sophisticated sprinkler controller gives your garden just the right amount of water exactly when it needs it.

As far as water efficiency goes, automatic sprinkler systems certainly don’t enjoy a good reputation. There’s nothing more wasteful than a sprinkler system which showers the garden with water in the middle of a rainstorm, or drenches an already water soaked lawn. However, if you use a sophisticated, intelligently designed automatic sprinkler system, you will actually save water, while still enjoying a beautiful, lush garden and lawn with a minimum of effort. The key to a good automatic sprinkler system is to install the right sprinkler controller.

A good controller will adjust the amount of watering depending on the seasons, and can be set to deliver different amounts of watering to different areas of the garden, depending on the need. Your sprinkler control device system should incorporate a soil sensor to detect the amount of moisture present, so that the sprinklers will never turn on when it’s raining. The new generation of sprinkler controllers are incredibly easy to program, in fact, some can even be controlled from your PC via the internet. Just follow the links from this site for more information about these amazing products and how you can order them.

Sprinkler system design tips.

Installing a good controller is a great start, but there are lots of ways to increase the efficiency of your sprinkler system. The key to a really efficient sprinkler system lies in your garden design. If you’re planting a new garden, choose plants which will thrive easily in your local climate, and won’t require a lot of watering. Your local soil type will determine what kinds of plants you can grow, and also the amount and frequency of watering your sprinkler system should give your plants. Some soil types absorb and retain water much more readily than others, so you should know what type of soil you have to program the controller most effectively.

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