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Sprinkler Headsfor Lawns – Which one is Right for You?

When you’re putting together the irrigation system for your lawn, you may think your job is done after burying the pipe, but you need to determine one more component in your sprinkler system that will make all the difference when you go to water your lawn – the sprinkler head.

As you search for sprinkler headsfor lawns, you need to know the fundamental differences between the style types to ensure that you find the right sprinkler head that will suit your watering needs.

Major Styles

There are two major styles of lawn sprinkler heads in the market today. Each  style serves a different function and purpose when it comes to watering your lawn. It is good to understand the differences so you know which is the correct one for your lawn and garden

The spray lawn sprinkler head delivers a constant spray of water. These units can either rest permanently above ground or below ground. The underground units pop up when the pressure increases during the watering cycle. These heads give off a large amount of water, and in the landscaping industry, they are referred to as high application rate units.

Therefore spray heads are better suited for areas that are flat and even. If you must use them on a slope, adjust your water cycle to repeat on shorter cycles of application in order to avoid any wasteful run-off. While helpful, these are also the most wasteful, so if you live in a drought-prone area, these probably won’t meet your needs.

The other type is the rotor lawn sprinkler head. Rotor sprinklers have a lower application rate that makes them better suited to operations on a sloped terrain. Because of their dispersal pattern, rotor heads are considered to have an even coverage as they water their area. This attribute makes them better suited for watering large areas. In fact, some models have the capability of covering over 5600 square feet in an 85-foot diameter.

The Similarities

Both types of sprinkler heads can be manufactured from a variety of materials from PVC to brass and carbon fiber. You will even find combinations of each in the manufacturing of some models. You will also come across different warranties for each of these products, not necessarily based on materials used.

Making the Right Selection

You can purchase these units for a variety of prices with a varying degree of quality not necessarily related to the price tag, so you should do some research on your intended purchases. You can do this by looking the item up online and checking for consumer reviews. You will be surprised at how some of the higher priced products perform so miserably and at how great some of the cheaper products perform.

Once you have done your research and determined the sprinkler head that best serves your needs, you will find that your lawn will benefit while you are conserving water for years to come.

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