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Using a tripod sprinkler to water your lawn and garden

A tripod sprinkler is the perfect irrigation tool for large areas of lawn, nurseries, large garden beds or tall plants and vines.

Tripod sprinklers can cover areas of anything up to 80 feet in diameter, and most are height adjustable, so you can set the sprinkler to cover precisely the area you need. It’s worth looking for a tripod made from sturdy, durable metal, with weighted legs for stability. A solid brass impact sprinkler head will last longer and work more reliably.

You can purchase your tripod complete with sprinkler head attached, or as a tripod stand on its own, so you can simply attach your existing sprinkler.

Three big advantages of using an automatic sprinklers

1. Contrary to popular belief, automatic sprinklers systems actually save water. Water wastage occurs only when the sprinklers are used carelessly, for example, if they’re allowed to operate when it’s raining, or used to water the driveway or the side of the house. Take care to use your sprinklers only when and where irrigation is needed.

2. Sprinkler systems save time. With a well designed automatic irrigation system, you’ll never need to walk around watering your garden ever again!

3. Automatic watering systems do a better job of keeping your garden and lawn lush and healthy than watering by hand. Your garden will receive exactly the amount of watering it needs when it needs it, and the system will never forget to water. Even if you enjoy a healthy amount of rainfall in your area, your garden needs a precisely measured amount of irrigation, delivered regularly every two to three days.

For more information on watering your lawn, please read this article on using rotary lawn sprinklers.

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