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A well designed lawn sprinkler system, with the right irrigation equipment, can have some significant water conservation benefits.

If you want your garden and lawn to always look lush and beautiful, and you’re conscious of water conservation, you may find the job of choosing the right irrigation equipment a little daunting. A lawn sprinkler system is very convenient, but you may be worried about wasting water. However, if you design your lawn sprinkler system carefully, and use the most efficient and most suitable irrigation equipment for your individual garden, you’ll have an effective, convenient system without sacrificing your water conservation concerns.

Choosing the right irrigation equipment for a well designed lawn sprinkler system.

Choosing the right equipment depends on the layout of your garden, the climate and soil types in your area, and the types of lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers you have planted. The range of sprinkler designs available these days is incredible, so it’s a matter of choosing the right device for each individual watering purpose. It’s wise to consult with your irrigation equipment supplier or a landscape design professional for the right advice.

Impact sprinklers have the longest reach, and are ideal for large lawn areas. The familiar oscillating sprinkler covers a medium size area, and has the added advantage of being by far the most fun on a hot summer day. Rotor sprinklers and spray heads are suitable for giving accurate coverage to a specific small area.

An irrigation solution which is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly among those who are conscious of water conservation, is drip irrigation. A soaker hose or drip irrigation device is easy to install, and delivers exactly the right amount of water to the roots of plants, where it can be efficiently absorbed, and won’t be lost to evaporation or blown away by the wind.

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