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Using lawn sprinkler systems not only makes garden and lawn maintenance more convenient; you can also make a contribution to water conservation.

Lawn sprinkler systems give you a lovely lush lawn and garden without you having to spend all your time on watering and lawn maintenance. Many people choose to use them for convenience, without giving too much thought to water conservation. However, carefully designed and maintained lawn sprinkler systems not only make all those gardening and lawn maintenance jobs a lot less time consuming, they can also save water. With water conservation becoming an increasingly important issue, particularly in dry climate areas, smart irrigation system design will save you money, and help to preserve our precious environment for the future.

Manual vs. automatic lawn sprinkler systems.

With a manually controlled system, you use your own judgment as to which parts of your lawn and garden need watering, how much and when. You simply move the sprinkler units around the garden, and leave them on for as long as is necessary. This is a little more time consuming than an automatic system, but has the advantage that you can pay close attention to your garden and lawn maintenance, and manage it very effectively. And unless you tend to forget to turn the sprinklers off, you can carefully control the amount of water resources you’re using.

The big problem with an automatic system is that all too often it can lead to water wastage. Because automatic systems are so convenient, it’s all too tempting to just set them and forget them, and all too often you’ll end up watering when it’s not needed. However, a carefully designed system can actually be very efficient in terms of water conservation. A sophisticated control system can monitor the level of moisture in the soil, and adjust the amount of watering accordingly. You can also program the controller to change the amount of watering depending on the time of year. It’s also very important to choose the right types of sprinklers for each specific purpose, keep them in good working order, and position them carefully.

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