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Irrigation supplies, including everything from a super sophisticated drip irrigation system to the good old fashioned watering can.

Choosing the best irrigation supplies for your garden, like sprinklers, drip irrigation devices or even something simple like a garden hose or watering can, depends on a number of factors. Naturally, you want your garden and lawn looking spectacular all year round, and you want your water bills to stay as low as possible. But also, the time you spend gardening is very important.

With such a wide range of efficient, effective irrigation supplies available these days, you may find the job of choosing a little difficult. A drip irrigation system will give you an incredibly powerful, water efficient way of maintaining your lawn and garden, with a minimum of time and effort. However, if you really enjoy spending time gardening, nothing beats a simple garden hose and a watering can.

High tech vs low tech irrigation supplies.

If your time is limited, a sophisticated automatic irrigation system will give you a lush, green garden and lawn, without robbing you of your weekends. The key is to design the system to suit your garden design, the climate and soil types in your area, and the lawn species, shrubs, trees and flowers you have planted. Many people think of automatic sprinkler systems as being terribly wasteful of water, and unfortunately, this is often true. However, an intelligently designed system will actually save water.

Drip irrigation systems are rapidly gaining popularity, as an alternative to the familiar impact sprinklers and spray heads. The devices are easy to install, and deliver slow, accurate and regular amounts of water directly to the root systems of specific plants, precisely where it’s needed.

If you’re like many people, and you love to spend your weekends in your garden, simple manual irrigation systems are very water efficient, and extremely effective. There are some fantastic garden hose and watering can products on the market, which reduce the amount of physical effort involved in garden maintenance jobs, and make your gardening time more relaxing and rewarding than you could ever imagine.

For more information on garden irrigation, please read this article on designing an irrigation system for your home.

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