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Designing a home irrigation system is a great home improvement project for anyone with a little know how and the right equipment.

If you dream of having a magnificently lush, healthy garden and lawn, but you just don’t have the time to spend watering by hand, you need an efficient, effective home irrigation system to do the job for you. Designing a home irrigation system yourself is not as complicated as it might sound. All you need is the right irrigation equipment and supplies, and the right advice.

There are several different types of automatic home irrigation system; the familiar automatic sprinkler irrigation system, and clever new highly water efficient systems involving mini sprinklers, fine mist sprayers and drip irrigation. A well designed home irrigation system not only gives you a beautiful, healthy garden and lawn, you’ll also help to conserve precious environmental resources by saving water. Simply follow the links from this site for information on designing home irrigation systems, and how to order home irrigation equipment, accessories and supplies.

Water conservation tips.

Designing an irrigation system which makes efficient use of water resources depends largely on good old fashioned common sense. Don’t allow your automatic sprinklers to water the driveway, the garden pathway or the walls of the house, and install a moisture sensor so that they don’t turn on during a rainstorm. If you use an automatic timer with your sprinkler irrigation system, make sure you use one which is sophisticated enough to make adjustments according to the changing seasonal needs of your garden.

Drip irrigation systems deliver water slowly and steadily directly to the roots of plants, so they’re a very water efficient home irrigation option.

Watering your plants first thing in the morning or in the evening rather than in the heat of the day means that you don’t lose water to evaporation. If you’re planting a new garden, choose plant species which are suited to your local climate, and which don’t require much irrigation.


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