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A quick set-up guide for the amazing Scarecrow sprinkler.

The Contech Scarecrow sprinkler provides an effective, humane way to keep dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, or any other unwanted animal intruders out of your garden.

Scarecrow sprinklers work by spraying the animal with a harmless jet of water, to frighten them away and make them think twice about coming back!

The Scarecrow is very easy to set-up. All you need to do is assemble the three basic components of the sprinkler, attach it to your garden hose, and follow these important tips:

Set-up tips to ensure you get the most out of your Scarecrow.

1. Position the Scarecrow for optimum effect.

The Scarecrow has a wide detection area which spans across 105 degrees. Place the sprinkler where it will detect animals as they enter the protected area.

Avoid false alarms! Make sure the sprinkler is not pointing toward anything which will cause a false trigger, such as a walkway, a road, or a moving water feature.

2. Adjust the sprinkler.

Test the sprinkler to see whether the water spray falls over the area you want to protect. You may need to make a few adjustments to the position of the sprinkler and the nozzle.

3. Adjust the sensitivity.

The Scarecrow features a simple dial which allows you to select the degree of sensitivity of the infrared motion detector. The instruction manual includes a guide to choosing the right sensitivity for the target animal you wish to deter. A little experimentation will give you the optimum setting.

4. Choose an appropriate water pressure level.

The Scarecrow works using a pressurized hose, so the water does need to be turned on all the time, but it doesn’t need to be turned on all the way. In fact, turning it on all the way may result in flooding. How far you need to turn on the tap in order to maintain the right amount of water pressure will depend on how long and how pliable your garden hose is.

Again, a little experimentation is all you need.

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