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Automatic dog deterrents protect your garden from mischievous canines.

If your own dog or the neighborhood dogs have a favorite place in your garden which they just love to dig up, you have a very frustrating but all too common problem. Unless you enjoy running out into the backyard every five minutes, waving your arms around like a maniac and shouting, “Get out of here, you miserable mutts!”, there’s a much better solution available.

Automatic dog deterrent devices which spray a quick burst of water over the target area have been shown to be very effective, particularly with dogs who have a fear of water. The devices are triggered by a sophisticated automatic motion sensor, and gradually teach the dog to avoid the area of the garden you wish to protect.

Best of all, these high tech devices are very effective in discouraging dogs from entering a particular area of the garden without harming the dog in any way. Just follow the links from this site for more information on the full range of automatic bird, squirrel, cat and dog deterrents, and advice on which product will work most effectively for you.

Setting up your automatic animal deterrent system.

Installing the animal deterrent device is a very simple job, which generally involves choosing a suitable location, assembling the device and setting it in the ground using a stake, and connecting your garden hose.

Positioning the motion sensor so that it targets the right area is critical. If you set it so that it picks up movement around walkways, driveways, roads or moving water features in the garden, it will constantly false trigger. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor to suit the animal you are targeting, whether it’s a cat, dog, bird or squirrel.


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