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What is drip irrigation, and why is everyone using it these days?

Nowadays, we are much more aware of the importance of using our water resources wisely, so efficient irrigation systems for gardens and lawns are becoming very popular.

If you’re interested to know more about what drip irrigation is, what the benefits are, how you can set up your own drip irrigation system, and where you can buy the parts and equipment you need, you’ll find lots of great links on this site. So exactly what is drip irrigation, and why is it so much better than traditional garden and lawn irrigation systems?

Drip irrigation basics.

Drip irrigation basically means you water the garden and lawn using a leaky hose. It sounds simple, and it is. Specially designed drip irrigation hoses have thousands of tiny holes which seep water directly into the soil near the roots of plants, where it can be absorbed very efficiently.

Ideally, the drip irrigation hose should be buried underground, but laying it over garden beds and around large plants works very effectively, too. You attach your drip irrigation hose to a garden faucet, but you will need a device to regulate the pressure, a filter, a timer if you wish, and if your local municipal authorities require it, a backflow preventer.

Because drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of plants, there is less wastage. You don’t lose as much water to evaporation as you would with a sprinkler system, and the irrigation always goes exactly where it’s needed, never on the driveway or the patio. Because the irrigation seeps in slowly, you don’t have water collecting in pools where it can evaporate, runoff and cause soil erosion, or provide an environment which encourages plant disease.


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