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Fantastic home garden water irrigation systems to keep your lawn and garden green and healthy.

A well-designed home garden water irrigation system keeps your garden looking beautiful without wasting precious environmental resources. The optimum irrigation system for your garden depends on the layout of the garden itself, the plant species you have in the garden, and the soil type and climate you have in your local area, but it also depends on your lifestyle.

If you love to spend time watering and caring for your garden, you’ll probably prefer to use a garden hose, watering can and handheld sprayers which are light and easy to manage. If you’re short on time, a well designed, water efficient automatic garden irrigation system will keep your garden looking beautiful with a minimum of effort. Just follow the links from this site for more information on designing home garden watering irrigation systems, and how to choose the right irrigation equipment and accessories.

Water conservation tips for the home garden.

An efficient garden irrigation system begins with good garden design. Plants which have similar irrigation needs should be clustered together for more efficient watering. Lawns generally require a lot more water than larger plants, so always plant your flowers and shrubs together in a bed, rather than scattered across the lawn. It’s also very wise to choose plant species which grow well in your local climate and soil; native species are generally the best.

Automatic sprinkler irrigation systems are notorious wasters of water in the garden, but if designed and maintained carefully, they will actually save water. Installing a sophisticated controller system will ensure that the garden always receives the precise amount of watering it needs, and a moisture sensor will detect when the soil has already absorbed enough water, so the sprinklers will never switch on during a rain storm.

Drip irrigation systems work by delivering water directly to the roots of plants through a hose which is full of tiny holes. This is a fantastically water efficient way to water your garden, and is fast becoming the preferred home garden irrigation method.

For more information on watering your garden please read this article on designing a home irrigation system.


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