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Reliable Sprinkler systems are the high tech fire safety solution.

Reliable Sprinklers are a trusted name in fire safety. Reliable makes a comprehensive range of sprinkler models, including upright, standard pendent and recessed pendent designs, quick response and standard response sprinklers, with a range of maximum temperature ratings. Information on the relevant fire safety standard approvals and listings for each sprinkler model is available at the Reliable website. The Reliable Sprinkler website also contains detailed information on choosing the right sprinkler system for each application, including high rise buildings and a range of fixed fire protection systems. The sprinkler and escutcheon units themselves come in a choice of attractive finishes, including bronze, chrome, white polyester coated, bright brass, black paint and satin chrome.

Sprinkler installation and maintenance.

Sprinkler systems need to be professionally installed to ensure they meet relevant safety standards. Incorrect installation may result in warranties and approvals being voided. The Reliable website provides detailed information on correct installation of sprinklers, including the type of escutcheons and wrenches which must be used. It is very important to choose sprinkler types which are specifically designed for the intended sprinkler application, and not to intermix quick response sprinklers with standard response sprinklers within the same sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems must be inspected regularly and maintained according to the relevant fire safety standard. Any sprinkler which has been painted or damaged in any way should be removed and replaced, and a stock of spare sprinklers should be kept ready for quick replacement. Sprinklers should not be cleaned with soap, ammonia, or any other cleaning fluids.


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