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A no-nonsense guide to garden irrigation using Melnor sprinklers.

Melnor sprinklers have been a favorite for lawn and garden maintenance for well over five decades. Melnor is famous for introducing the world’s first oscillating sprinkler, and the company has been associated with innovative and high quality garden maintenance products ever since.

There are four basic types of Melnor sprinkler:

- Stationery sprinklers, which are great for gentle watering of small lawns and garden beds.

- Revolving sprinklers, for irrigating medium sized areas of lawn between 1600 and 2800 square feet. The Melnor Lawn Rescue traveling sprinkler will water an area of up to 13000 square feet.

- Oscillating sprinklers, for watering large areas, ranging from 2600 to 3900 square feet.

- Pulsating sprinklers, for the real heavy duty watering jobs, covering areas of up to 6300 square feet.

Four top lawn and garden irrigation tips:

1. Make the most of your automatic sprinklers, and of precious water resources. It may seem obvious, but it’s very important to make sure they’re positioned so that they don’t water the driveway, the garden path or the side of the house. And most importantly of all, don’t allow your automatic sprinklers to switch on during a rainstorm!

2. Give your lawn and garden a good soaking with the sprinklers a few times a week, rather than a quick sprinkling every day. This encourages deep root growth.

3. First thing in the morning is the best time to turn the sprinklers on. This way you don’t lose moisture to evaporation as you would in the heat of the day.

4. A good irrigation system starts with good garden design. Place plants with similar watering needs together, and put flowers and shrubs together in a garden bed, rather than spread across the lawn. This way, irrigation from your sprinklers will work far more effectively.

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