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With a gorgeous copper sprinkler you can have a real work of art do your gardening and lawn maintenance for you.

Of course sprinkler systems are practical, and save you an enormous amount of time on gardening and lawn maintenance, but a copper sprinkler also makes a beautiful decorative addition to your garden. A good quality, well made copper sprinkler is attractive, durable, and makes light work of your gardening and lawn maintenance.

You may love to spend time shopping around at home and garden supply stores, or browsing through unique, hand crafted treasures at craft shows and markets. However, if you want the biggest, best quality range to choose from, you’ll be amazed at what you can find if you shop around online. You’ll find everything from simple, elegant pieces to extraordinary works of art. You can even have your copper sprinkler custom made to your own specifications.

How to choose a good quality copper sprinkler.

Because there are so many exquisite designs around, it’s tempting to choose the piece which you love to look at in your garden, without being concerned about whether it actually does what it’s supposed to. If you’re only interested in the ornamental effect, perhaps it’s best to choose a garden ornament instead. There’s no point letting your garden and lawn maintenance suffer for the sake of art. If you want a copper sprinkler which keeps your lawn and garden looking magnificent as well, there are a few practical features to look for.

Check that the sprinkler appears well balanced, and that round hoops are really round. A slightly skewed sprinkler may have an appealing, handcrafted appearance, but it won’t rotate properly when it’s in use, which means it won’t water all areas of your lawn evenly, and it will wear out very quickly.

The pivot mechanism should be made from sturdy material, like high quality Delrin plastic or stainless steel, not copper or brass. Soft metal mechanisms will wear out very quickly, and may never work with low or even moderate water pressure.

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