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Orbit sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and irrigation supplies will make your lawn and garden flourish like you’ve never imagined.

You can’t underestimate the effect a really well designed irrigation system will have on the look and feel of your garden. Orbit sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and irrigation supplies have an impressive reputation for their quality, durability and water efficiency. An intelligently designed and maintained watering system, incorporating Orbit sprinklers and drip irrigation devices will not only keep your garden and lawn looking magnificent, but you will never waste a drop of water. All Orbit irrigation supplies and equipment are designed with water conservation firmly in mind.

In the past, automatic sprinkler systems tended to be used only for the sake of convenience. It’s very easy to set the timer to water the lawn and garden for a fixed period every day, then forget about it. The problem with this is, the sprinklers turn on rain, hail or shine, so the lawn gets watered whether it needs it or not. What’s worse, a carelessly designed irrigation system will actually leave some areas underwatered, even while water is being wasted.

Modern irrigation supplies and equipment are intelligently designed to deliver precisely the right amount of watering to your plants, exactly when and where it’s needed. Orbit sprinklers and drip irrigation products are at the forefront of design innovation.

The optimum irrigation system for your lawn and garden.

Choosing the right irrigation supplies, and designing your overall system for maximum impact and efficiency takes a little care, and a little homework. The the layout of your garden, the plant, tree and lawn species you have, as well as the climate, rainfall and soil type are all crucial factors in designing your irrigation system.

You’ll find a wealth of information online on the benefits and best uses of impact sprinklers, satellite heads, drip irrigation, misting systems, controllers, valves, and anything else you could possibly need, as well as advice on climate, soil and plant species. Any good irrigation equipment supplier will also be happy to offer you advice.

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