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Good lawn maintenance means a lot more than just turning on the lawn sprinkler every so often, but it does start with good irrigation equipment.

It’s relatively easy to set up an automatic sprinkler system, but proper lawn maintenance needs more than just irrigation equipment. If you establish a good lawn maintenance routine, and use your lawn sprinkler system and irrigation equipment effectively, you’ll be rewarded with a thick carpet of lush, verdant turf.

Keeping your lawn adequately watered without over watering is an important part of any lawn maintenance strategy. However, many people don’t realize how important proper mowing can be, and don’t understand the benefits of regular dethatching and aerification.

Using the right amount and the right type of fertilizer and pesticides at the right time requires a little knowledge and research, but it’s worth it for the difference it makes to the look of your lawn and your home.

Essential lawn maintenance tips.

Automatic lawn sprinkler systems are a very popular alternative to watering the lawn using a handheld hose. It’s very important to monitor the coverage to ensure you’re not over watering some areas in order to maintain coverage over others. A properly managed automatic watering system, using the right irrigation equipment, can actually be more water efficient than hand watering.

A common mistake many people make is to mow their lawn too short. Oddly enough, this actually results in the need for more watering. Because the soil is less shaded by the grass, more water is lost through evaporation. You should choose a species of grass which is most suitable to your climate and soil type, and mow it to the right height for the particular species. Another common mistake is to use a blunt blade. A cleanly cut lawn looks greener, and the grass will be healthier.

Keeping the thatch layer under control using a power rake, and aerifying the lawn to improve air and water movement through the soil, are also essential lawn maintenance practices.

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