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A beginners guide to garden maintenance using garden shower sprinklers.

Garden shower sprinklers are a great alternative to the traditional garden hose. With a garden shower sprinkler you have easy access to all those hard to reach places, so caring for your garden is all pleasure, rather than a lot of hard work.

Hand held shower sprinklers come in a variety of lengths, with a choice of special features:

Telescoping wand, allowing you to adjust the length instantly.

Flow control trigger, so you can adjust the water flow as needed.

Metal filter screen to prevent clogging

Removable shower heads, or an adjustable spray pattern, so you can choose a fine spray for delicate individual plants, or a strong shower for a large flower bed.

Top four watering tips for a beautiful, healthy garden:

1. Give your garden plants a good drenching shower once or twice a week, rather than a light sprinkling every day. Soak the soil thoroughly to a depth of at least six inches. This will promote deep root growth, and make your plants healthy and resilient.

2. Allow the soil to dry before watering again with your shower sprinkler. This also helps to promote deep root growth, as the roots will search for water in deeper levels of the soil as it dries.

3. Water your garden early in the morning, so that you don’t lose moisture to evaporation as you would in the heat of the day. Your plants absorb water more effectively when the air is cool. Watering in the evening leaves your garden plants damp through the night, which can promote mildew attack and disease.

4. Know your soil type. Sandy soils require shorter, more frequent showers of water, while heavy clay soils need slow watering less frequently.

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