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Savor the Soothing Water Sounds of a Tabletop Fountain

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to keep your self in tune with nature. Meditation alone is not always enough. (So that's my problem...)

While the power of the mind is quite magnificent we sometimes need a little help getting in touch with the natural healing world around us. Using water sounds is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between a stress-filled day at the office, the noisy traffic and smoke-filled highways and your personal sanctuary.

Everything around us seems to have some kind of noise associated with it. Car engines growl, radios buzz, and cell phones chirp at us constantly. What we really need is some mellow time.

In a pinch, you can download water sounds off of the Internet and play them as you check your email or write a message. Or, you can record water sounds on CD and play them in your car during the commute home. Perhaps a more pleasant and esthetically pleasing solution is to purchase or build your own tabletop water feature. After a little how-to research and a short visit to your local home improvement store, you can be well on your way to creating your very own water sounds. Small outdoor and indoor water features is growing in popularity because they are simple to install and delightful to listen to.

Why not add a tabletop water fountain to your deck or patio? Provided that there is electrical outlet nearby, the cord can be concealed behind rocks or plants. However, make sure your fountain is designed for outdoor use. Indoor electrical cords are not suited to the moisture and temperatures outside.

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