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Sprinkler pumps give you the control and flexibility you need for all your lawn maintenance and garden watering jobs.

Sprinkler pumps can make a real difference to the effectiveness of your lawn maintenance system, and they’re much more economical and easy to install and use than you probably think. If the water pressure in your area is inadequate for your gardening or lawn maintenance watering needs, sprinkler pumps are the solution.

There’s a good range of compact, inexpensive sprinkler pumps specifically designed for home use. You’ll find a selection of specialist pump manufacturers, and gardening and lawn maintenance equipment suppliers if you do a quick search online.

What is the best way to water your lawn?

Finding the right frequency and saturation for watering your lawn is the key to keeping it healthy. This will vary depending on the climate, the soil type, and the species of grass. Too much or too little watering, or watering at the wrong time, can cause a range of problems. You’ll find plenty of reliable information if you do a little research online, and your local gardening equipment supplier should be able to provide you with the right advice for lawn maintenance in your local area.

Frequent, shallow watering can cause the roots of the lawn to grow too fast near the soil surface, making your lawn susceptible to weeds, and depriving the deeper roots of the moisture they need to develop. Watering the lawn less frequently, and saturating it each time to a depth of around four to five inches will ensure healthier root growth, and a lusher, more resilient lawn. For this you need to water the lawn at a high enough precipitation rate to allow the soil to become saturated. If your local water pressure is inadequate, sprinkler pumps boost it to the level you need.

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