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"What are the different kinds of Drip Irrigation Emitters Available?"

For thirsty lawn and gardens that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, drip irrigation emitters are often put to work. A drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the roots of plants so that it is not gone to waste and evaporated by the sun.

Essentially, water is transferred to the roots through a network of plastic tubes, evenly and with low pressure. However, there is also a more indirect form of drip irrigation, in which the water seeps through the soil surface.

Essentially, drip irrigation is a way to use water efficiently. But there are so many kinds! So if you're looking for a way to effectively and evenly distribute water to your plants, the answer may very well be a drip irrigation system. The real question is, what specific type of irrigation system should you get?

Runoff, evaporation, plant competition – none of these factors will steal away the water you need for your plants if you install a good drip irrigation system. On top of this, nutrients can also be applied to the soil more efficaciously. If you want to take the mundane work of watering your plants and you want to ensure they the right amount of water, drip irrigation is the way to go.

This system is also very good for the “water-wise” gardener and it is something you can easily install yourself.

Now let's talk about some vocabulary you'll have to learn before you go shopping for irrigation emitters. Here is a great overview on the different kinds of emitters available:

  • Standard emitter, adjust water flow from 0 to 16 Gallons per hour, they are great for spot watering and water up to 3 foot radius.

  • Micro bubbler, they can emit a lot of water and in a circular pattern and are usually used for one plant since it isn’t throwing the water, just letting it bubble out.

  • Mister, and adjustable sprinkler that is great for humidity-loving plants. The mister will gently mist your delicate plants. You can adjust the water flow form 0 to 8 gallons per hour with the easy to use adjustable control knob. Use 1/4” tubing to connect this emitter.

  • Mini rotating sprinklers, can spray water to a maximum radius of 10 feet. You can adjust the water flow from 0 to 30 gallons per hour. The sprinkler rotates 360 degrees to water your plants and garden.

  • Plastic low volume emitter, are ideal for watering your flowers and shrubs. You can adjust the water flow form 0 to 29 gallons with an adjustable control knob. Use 1/4” tubing to connect this emitter.

Flag dripper, is ideal for spot watering trees, shrubs, pots, hanging plants, and flowers. Use 1/4” drip tubing to connect this emitter.

All of the emitters mentioned above are connected using ” drip irrigation tubing. If you want to automate your drip irrigation system you can look at getting a timer or sprinkler controller. With the timer you can set when to water your plans and for how long.

For more information on watering your garden, please read this article on planning a drip irrigation system for your garden.

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