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Set-and-forget automatic plant watering systems keep your house plants fresh and healthy.

It’s never been easier to make sure your house plants are kept healthy and well watered while you go away on vacation. Automatic plant watering systems are becoming more sophisticated and more efficient all the time. If you’re a busy person who tends to forget to the water the plants as regularly as they need, an automatic plant water delivery system is the perfect way to keep all your house plants looking fresh and healthy for days or weeks at a time.

Types of automatic watering systems for house plants.

There are two basic types of automatic watering systems for house plants; specially designed self watering planters with built in reservoirs for watering individual plants, and multiple plant watering devices which take care of all your plants together.

Self watering planters come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. They’re easy to refill, and they do a very efficient job. Some feature an external reservoir, so they work for longer without needing to be refilled. Self watering planters are designed to deliver water to the soil as it’s needed, and will generally work for a few days, or up to a week or two before needing refilling.

Multiple plant watering systems are great if you need your plants watered automatically over a longer period. They may be battery powered, run off mains power, or simply work under gravity. The water reservoir is placed on a table or shelf above the plants, or at the same level if a pump is used, and the water is delivered to each pot via a series of drippers connected to plant stakes in the potting soil. A compact, six gallon automatic watering device will maintain twenty separate plants for up to five or six weeks. The more sophisticated models are programmable, so you can set them to deliver exactly the right amount of water to your plants for as long as you’re away.


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