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Hunter sprinkler systems lead the way in innovative irrigation product design.

Hunter sprinkler products have a reputation for innovative design, in creating a very reliable, effective, water efficient irrigation system for your lawn and garden. Every new Hunter sprinkler product is extensively tested for quality and durability, and to ensure it delivers exactly the right amount of irrigation precisely when and where it’s needed.

Hunter sprinkler systems are sold through a wholesale network and installed by garden and landscape irrigation experts, most of whom also provide a professional design and consultation service. There are contractors located throughout the United States and all over the world. Contact details are easy to find on the official website.

Why is having your automatic irrigation system professionally designed and installed so important?

People often think of an automatic sprinkler system as a monstrous money and resource waster, which waters the lawn and garden whether it needs it or not. Unfortunately, this is all too often true. Timing systems which don’t have sensors to detect whether or not there’s enough moisture in the soil already, will inevitably turn the sprinklers on during or immediately after a heavy rain shower. If the wrong types of sprinkler units are used, or they’re not positioned correctly, you will often over water some areas, while letting others dry out.

The great advantage of a Hunter sprinkler system is that not only is each product carefully designed and tested, but the complete system is designed and installed by a qualified expert. If you want a beautiful lawn and garden you love to spend time in, and you care about using precious water resources efficiently, a Hunter system is hard to beat.

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