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A self watering garden system can be amazingly effective, for potted indoor plants, and outdoor lawns and gardens.

If you often find you just don’t have the time to give your garden the attention it really needs, a self watering garden system is the perfect solution. Cleverly designed self watering garden systems do a great job of keeping your garden looking lush, healthy and beautiful with a minimum of effort.

For potted plants, there’s a fantastic range of self watering planters, containers, window boxes and hanging planters in a range of sizes and shapes, designed for a wide variety of flowers, shrubs, herbs, and even home grown tomatoes. The water reservoir only needs to be filled every couple of days, or once a week, depending on the size of the planter and the type of plant.

To keep your indoor garden watered for several weeks while you’re away, you can install an automatic plant watering system which works using either a powered pump, or just by gravity. For more information on these and many other brilliant self watering garden products, just follow the links from this site.

Automatic irrigation systems for the lawn and garden.

An automatic sprinkler system is a fantastically convenient and highly effective way to water a large lawn and garden area. If used carelessly, automatic sprinkler systems can waste a lot of water, but a well designed, properly maintained system will actually save water.

An alternative type of automatic garden irrigation system which is rapidly gaining in popularity is a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems deliver water slowly and steadily to the roots of plants via a special hose which is literally full of tiny holes. This means that you don’t lose any water to evaporation or water runoff, and the water is absorbed directly by the roots of the plants, where it can be used most effectively. Drip irrigation systems are very simple and economical to set up in a newly planted or pre-existing garden.



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