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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Automatic Sprinkler Systems

A system of sprinklers that works without you needing to do anything in order to facilitate it is a very good tool to have especially if you are very serious about lawn care and gardening. Watering manually every day is a lot of labor, and it is work that can take its toll on even the fittest person.

Using a sprinkler system that activates automatically is not only a labor saver, but it is a time saver as well since you can use that time to do something else. The biggest reason that people do not have these systems is because most people think that installing automatic sprinkler systems is difficult. It does not have to be and here are ten things to keep in mind when you are doing the installation.

Follow the Instructions:
A lot of people tend to improvise when installing something, but this is a very bad idea if you want that something to function well. Make sure you follow the instructions when you install the system.

If in doubt, ask:
There are a number of people you can turn to for help and support: the manufacturer, the vendor or even a neighbor that might be knowledgeable about things. It is better to ask the first time and get it right than to get it wrong and have to disassemble everything only to do it all again.

Be aware of the sprinkler radius:
The vast majority of automatic sprinklers spray in either a complete circle or in an arc that represents part of a circle. Realizing beforehand what the sprinkle radius of your particular sprinkler is will help you make sure that all of your grass and plants are well covered.

Realize the potential for more than one sprinkler:
If you have a large lawn, a lawn that is partitioned or a lawn and a garden, it is quite possible that you are going to need to use more than one sprinkler. If you have neighbors that are into lawn care, doubtless at least one of them has multiple sprinklers as it is not that rare an occurrence.

Geometry is your best friend:
This is somewhat the same tip as the one about the radius of the circle. When you are using more than one sprinkler, you want to make sure that their sprinkling areas complement each other rather than go over each other and in order to do that you need to know the geometry of how each sprinkler works.

Budget for the best you can afford:
If you are serious about lawn care, then the automatic sprinklers themselves are going to be your most important investments. Make sure the money you pay for them reflects this.

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