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Tips for designing garden watering systems which keep your garden looking great without wasting water.

Efficient garden watering systems save time and money and help to conserve precious environmental resources. You don’t have to be a gardening expert to design a garden watering system which will keep your lawn and garden looking lush and beautiful without wasting a precious drop of water. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips.

Automatic sprinkler systems are a great option if you don’t have the time or the inclination to water your garden regularly by hand, but they tend to be notorious wasters of water. However, a well-designed, properly maintained automatic watering system will actually save water, so you really can have the best of both worlds!

Top five ways to make your garden irrigation system water efficient:

If you use an automatic sprinkler system, make sure it has a moisture sensor which will prevent the system watering the garden in a rainstorm. A good controller system will adjust the amount of watering depending on the season.

Use a drip irrigation system in your garden. Drip systems deliver water slowly and steadily directly to the roots of the plants where it can be absorbed most effectively. This is a relatively new type of watering system which is fast growing in popularity as more and more people become aware of the importance of water conservation.

Water the lawn and garden early in the morning or in the evening so you don’t lose water to evaporation in the heat of the day.

Choose lawn and plant species which thrive in your local environment and don’t require much watering. Ask at your local gardening center, talk to your neighbors, and do a little research online to help you choose water efficient plants for your garden.

Design your garden layout so that plants with similar watering needs are grouped together. Place flowers and shrubs together in a garden bed, rather than scattered around the lawn, as lawns require a lot more watering than most other plants.

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