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A well designed bird deterrent device should be effective, but harmless.

There can be nothing more frustrating than having all the good work you’ve done on your garden damaged or destroyed by birds. Fruit trees are favorite targets for hungry birds, and if you have predatory birds in your area, your fish pond is likely to be a popular hunting ground.

A very effective form of backyard bird deterrent is to wait in the affected area of your garden with the garden hose at the ready, and give those birds a good fright whenever they come near.

Fortunately, since most of us don’t have the time to sit around in the garden spraying birds all day, there are fantastic mechanical bird deterrents which do the same thing automatically, and they’re on duty around the clock, seven days a week. Just follow the links from this site for more information on these amazing devices.

How do automatic animal deterrent devices work?

Whenever a bird or animal enters the zone covered by the motion sensor, the device will suddenly jump into action, and spray a quick burst of water over the target area. The noise, sudden movement and the water spray will trigger the natural self-preservation reflex in the bird or animal and cause it to flee, while not harming the creature in any way. The bird or animal will learn to associate this unpleasant, frightening experience with this particular location in your garden, and eventually learn to avoid it.

Automatic deterrent devices can also be used to deter birds such as seagulls from fouling yachts and other marine vessels. The deterrent device needs to be installed on a stable platform to limit false triggering by the motion of the boat.

For information on the Contech Scarecrow, please read this article on set up tips for the Scarecrow sprinkler.


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