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A good sprinkler system design, with the right irrigation equipment, will not only save you money on your garden and lawn maintenance, but you’ll also be helping to conserve our precious water resources.

More and more people are coming to understand the importance of a good sprinkler system design, and the right irrigation equipment, when planning their garden and lawn maintenance system. Choosing irrigation equipment wisely, and putting a well thought out sprinkler system design in place will save water resources, and save you money in the process. What’s more, your gardening and lawn maintenance will work more efficiently, and you’ll have the most beautiful garden and lawn for a minimum of time and effort.

The process of arriving at the optimum sprinkler system design, with the most appropriate irrigation equipment for your individual garden can seem quite daunting, particularly if you’re new to the business of gardening and lawn maintenance. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources of information. You’ll find a wealth of guides and tutorials online, at the websites of irrigation equipment manufacturers, and other general gardening sites. Any good sprinkler equipment supplier will be happy to offer you advice, and many offer a complete consultation and sprinkler system design service.

Good sprinkler system design begins with good garden design.

If the layout of your garden has been planned with efficient garden irrigation and lawn maintenance in mind, you’re already half way there.

Choosing plants and lawn species which thrive in the specific climate and soil types in your area will significantly reduce the need for maintenance. It’s also wise to choose plants which require less watering, particularly if you live in an area where water conservation is a significant issue.

Your soil type has a big impact on the amount of watering your garden and lawn will need, so it’s vital that you know what type you have. Some soils absorb and retain water much more readily than others. You can improve the water retention of your soil by adding compost or mulch.

You’ll significantly increase the efficiency if your sprinkler system if you position plants with similar watering needs together. This way you avoid over watering some plants, while leaving others too dry.

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