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Nelson sprinklers have a complete range of high quality products for garden irrigation and lawn maintenance.

Nelson sprinklers have a solid reputation for innovative irrigation and lawn maintenance product design. If you want a beautiful, lush lawn and garden, Nelson sprinklers are designed to deliver the right amount of irrigation, so you don’t waste time, energy or water resources on your gardening and lawn maintenance.

You can buy L R Nelson lawn and garden irrigation products from a variety of stores, including Wal Mart, Home Depot and Sears Hardware. Although the various outlets supply the same high quality products, prices on Nelson sprinklers can vary quite substantially, so it’s worth spending a little time shopping around.

A few handy garden and lawn maintenance tips.

The aim when designing your irrigation system is to get maximum efficiency from your water resources. A well designed system will tend to be very time efficient and convenient for you also.

If you’re planning a new garden, it’s important to place plants with similar watering requirements together. This makes it much easier to position your sprinklers so that everything receives just the right amount of watering. Trees, shrubs and larger plants have much larger root systems than grass, and only need about half as much water. You should also be aware that some species of grass require more watering than others.

It’s very important to take your soil type into account when you plan your irrigation system. If your soil absorbs water slowly, and you soak your lawn and garden too quickly, you’ll find the water drains away before it can be absorbed and is wasted.

There’s a wealth of information on these kinds of issues online, so it’s easy to do a little background research. Otherwise, you can consult a landscape designer, or your specialist gardening supplies retailer for advice.

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