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A high pressure garden fire hose nozzle is the perfect accessory whenever your garden needs a good drenching.

Having the right equipment for the job is essential if you want to make watering your garden a real pleasure rather than a chore. If you have a heavy duty watering job to do in the garden, a garden fire hose nozzle is just the thing. Garden fire hose nozzles are perfect for any garden irrigation job which requires a good strong flow, like drenching, irrigating new plantings, and watering large garden beds or lawns. The nozzles are designed to spray over a distance of forty feet or more, with a very high pressure flow of up to one hundred psi, but they can be used with an ordinary garden hose. Fire hose nozzles for gardening come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, made from heavy duty plastic, steel or brass, and some feature an adjustable flow pattern, and a trigger mechanism. When ordering any garden hose fittings, be sure to check that you have the right size for your hose.

The wide world of garden hose fittings and accessories.

If you’re finding watering your garden is more of a chore than it should be, you should look at the equipment you’re using. If your garden hose nozzles are cracked, worn, leaking, or difficult to connect and disconnect, you’re making your garden maintenance jobs much harder work than they need to be, and it’s time for an upgrade. Using the wrong type of nozzle on your garden hose can also make it unnecessarily difficult to give your plants the watering they need. Have a look at the incredible range of adjustable spray nozzles, trigger nozzles, fire hose nozzles, twist nozzles, water wands, water jets and shower head nozzles specifically designed to suit a whole range of garden watering purposes. You’re sure to find exactly the right set of garden hose nozzles and accessories for your gardening needs.


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