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Drip irrigation kits make it easy to set up an effective, efficient irrigation system in your garden.

Drip irrigation is a great, water saving alternative to traditional automatic sprinkler irrigation systems. Drip irrigation kits make it easy to design and install the optimum irrigation system for your individual lawn and garden. There are basic kits designed for beginners, and more specialized kits for specific garden irrigation applications. A basic drip irrigation kit will contain everything you need to deliver irrigation from your faucet to your plants and lawn, including a special irrigation hose, a filter, a pressure regulator, and all the fittings you need. You can purchase additional drip emitters and sprayers to supplement your basic drip irrigation system should you need them.

Drip irrigation basics.

Drip irrigation systems work using a length of hose which is literally full of holes. Thousands of these tiny holes allow irrigation to seep slowly into the soil near the roots of your plants, where it can be absorbed directly. This is a far more water efficient way to irrigate your garden, as you don’t lose large amounts of water to evaporation or water run off as you would with a traditional sprinkler irrigation system which shoots jets of water through the air.

Drip irrigation systems may either be installed underground or over the surface. The instructions which come with your kit will give you more information on which type of installation the drip irrigation system is suitable for. Underground drip irrigation systems are the most effective, and are a good option particularly if you’re designing and planting a whole new garden. Otherwise, installing the drip irrigation system above ground or buried under mulch works very well, it’s much simpler to install, and the hose can easily be moved around whenever necessary.


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